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Saving money on holiday travel | Travel Smart

Edyta Satchell, travel and wellness expert, shares tips on how to prepare for your winter getaway.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Traveling with your family can get pretty pricey when it comes to airfare, booking hotels, and eating out at restaurants. There are ways to save money on your winter getaway, however, according to travel experts. 

Edyta Satchell, travel and wellness expert, joined FOX43 to discuss how to save money and avoid stress on your holiday vacation.

“The holiday season is not only a great time to travel but also save money on travel,” Satchell said. “You have a good selection and a wide variety of different hotels, air carriers, and other things. Airlines are introducing new destinations for holiday travel so they are also introducing new prices and rate structures and cheaper flights sometimes." 

Tip number one, use a travel credit card to rack up points. 

“You can use them to book travel, or you can use them to redeem points that you’ve earned for travel," she said. "So, if you use them to book, then you are getting extra points.  

Tip number two, be careful of blackout dates. 

“If you are using your loyalty cards to redeem your points for travel, be careful of blackout dates," she said. "This means that there are certain dates that you won’t be able to travel or use your points for travel or to stay in a hotel." 

Tip number three, choose a worthy destination. 

“The worthy destinations are the ones that are open for business and that have museums and attractions open," Satchell said. "Those may be smaller destinations, they may be cheaper, and they may be alternatives to those more popular destinations that are more expensive." 

And lastly, tip number four, buy travel insurance for your entire family. 

“Whatever you do, whoever you are traveling with, whatever destination you are going to, make sure to have insurance," she said. "The insurance should cover not only you but all your family members and even if you are traveling with your pets, you should have some special insurance for them as well." 

Satchell says being prepared is the most important thing but also don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the holiday getaway with your loved ones. 

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