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Interest in RVs remains high despite decreased post-pandemic demand

RVs aren't being purchased at the same rate as during the pandemic, but their interest remains the same amongst enthusiasts.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — The COVID-19 pandemic inspired many people to find new interests to occupy their time.

RVs experienced an increase in popularity amongst younger families during the pandemic, as an alternative way to entertain.

More RVs were purchased for families to avoid large public lodgings. 

“People didn’t feel safe going to a hotel or whatnot, but when you have your own bed, if you have an RV, and you’re outside, it’s a safer type of space," explained James Kesterke an event chair with the Pa. Campground Association.

Despite a decreased demand for RVs post-pandemic, interest in the hobby has remained.

"[RVs] did not drop off like a lot of people expected them to. The sales themselves have kind of plateaued at this point, they haven’t taken a huge dip yet and we don’t expect them to," said Jared Jansen, an RV lifestyle consultant for Pete's RV Center.

Those within the industry say social media and positive word of mouth have helped put interest in RVs on cruise control.

“You’re seeing a lot more attention being brought to RVs and the RV lifestyle, and it has become more popular, " said Kesterke.

“Once people recognize the value that this brought to them and their families, that doesn’t go away, that doesn’t change because circumstances have," added Jansen.

Even with maintenance costs and rising gas prices, Jansen says these factors haven't negatively affected people's interest in RVs.

“You can have one of these sitting on your backyard for six weeks and you don’t have to open the door," explains Jansen. 

RV sellers also say most people interested in owning an RV understand they would likely pay more at the pump, regardless of high gas prices.

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