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Being a grocery store employee | Tyler Tries It

FOX43's Tyler Hatfield went to a Giant Food Store in Enola to learn what it takes to be a part of their team.

ENOLA, Pa. — Everyone goes to the grocery store.

But who are the people stocking the shelves, baking the desserts and bagging the groceries?

And what goes into making a grocery store run efficiently?

FOX43's Tyler Hatfield went to a Giant Food Store in Enola, Cumberland County to find out.

Tyler learned that the bakery in a grocery store is an artistic process. The bakery team has to make hundreds of desserts a day. Many of those items have to be created in a unique way, depending on what the customer is looking for.

From birthday cakes to doughnuts, the bakery team said they make sure that each item they make creates a lasting impression.

But it can't all be sweets. 

Craig Forbes, store manager at the Giant in Enola, said that the grocery store counter is one of the most important jobs to make an impact on a customer's day. 

Maly Jackson, checkout coach at the Enola Giant, said her job is to make the customer leave the store happier than they were coming in.

“My favorite part about this job is the customers, and I am a people person," said Jackson. "I just love working with people.”

But it is 2023. Many people don't even need to step foot in a grocery store. That's where Courtney Gehret, the Giant Direct Lead in Enola, comes in. Like many businesses, Giant offers home delivery and store pick-up, saving you a trip to the store aisles.

But Tyler learned that to work on the Giant Direct team, you have to keep your feet moving.

“We are given two hours to get these orders ready for these customers," said Gehret. "We also want to know we are shopping multiple orders at the same time; it's definitely a fast-paced department.”

Being the store manager, Forbes said he has worked every job in the grocery store. He said not one job is the same, and it takes teamwork to keep the store  running smoothly.

“You get to do everything and you're active throughout the day," said Forbes. "You're engaging with people, you're building things, you're building displays… it's a lot of pieces that are moving all the time, and you have an opportunity to get to know people and get to create lifelong friendships with the people you work for.”

Forbes said that almost all Giant Food Stores are looking for help. If you think you have what it takes, click here to apply.

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