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Biking on the rise across Central Pa. as gas prices soar

Many Pennsylvanians are trading four wheels for two in light of gas reaching over $5 a gallon in the Commonwealth.

LANCASTER, Pa. — Trading four wheels for two.

That’s what many Pennsylvanians, like Lancaster County resident Susan, are considering as gas prices across the state reach an average of almost $5.00 per gallon.

“If anything is biking distance or walking distance, we will bike or walk," Susan explained. “We have a small economical car, and it’s like 40 dollars to fill it up, so that’s a huge jump.”

Across Lancaster, biking is on the rise, according to Karl Graybill, an environmental planner with the city.

“We've seen an increase in the past two months since we relaunched after the winter," he said. "Providing options for people to get around I think is very important. We are a very dense, compact city.”

For Tim Hill, that's great news; he is the co-owner of the newly opened Let's Roll bike store in Lancaster, an e-bike rental and sale shop.

“It's been very good," said Hill. "Sales have been great, and gas prices sure don’t hurt us either.”

He says gas prices are a common topic at his shop on Walnut Street.

His pitch for those thinking about making the switch and potentially saving some money instead of paying at the pump is, “with the gas prices today – the bike is gonna pay for itself."

"It's gonna save you money and eventually gonna pay for itself,” said Hill. 

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