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UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg hostess continues to keep women connected before and after childbirth

Miss Sheila Julius created a facebook page called "Harrisburg Hospital North 9 Gang." With over 300 members, different women can never feel alone after childbirth

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Miss Sheila Julius is always ready to provide comfort and food to the women on the Antepartum floor at UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg.

"I think I'm their to-go person because you can't tell a doctor what to do, you can't tell a nurse what to do, but you can tell me what to do as far as food," said Julius.

Julius' expanded her role as a hostess almost ten years ago when she and a former patient created a Facebook page called, "Harrisburg Hospital North 9 Gang."

Through the page, Julius is able to stay connected with all the women she's helped on the floor before and after they've given childbirth.

The page is also a way for the women to ask questions if their concerned about something or post pictures to show how fast their children have grown.

"You can have a lady come in that has certain complications that maybe she thinks nobody knows about it, she said, "I'm sure that out of the 300 members in our group, one person has been at least through something."

Julius' says the women on the floor have impacted her greatly, but she has also inspired one young teen, who is now a woman, to continue school even when she was with a child.

Julius contacted the Harrisburg School District and with the donations of laptops from former patients, the child was able to attend school.

"For me, that was really special because she stayed in school, and she actually ended up graduating and now she's in college," said Julius.

For this year's Mother's Day, Julius kept the tradition of holding a Sunday brunch for the mothers.

One mother says Julius has done so much and has been so supportive in her journey to becoming a first-time mom.

"She was definitely a huge support with the activities, the blankets, even the swaddle she brought for our baby," said Kayla Condo.

Julius says although she plans to retire soon, she hopes to continue working part-time on the Antepartum floor because the love she has grown for the women will surely last a long time.

"I don't know, this floor- I don't want to get teary-eyed here, it's just the best for me and them, I wouldn't trade it," she said.

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