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Players endure wearing masks on first night of high school hoops in 2021

Athletes say they'll do it if it means having a season

It's good to hear the sounds of shoes squeaking, basketballs bouncing and cheerleaders supporting the team in gyms all across the area.  Home fans only are allowed at almost all of the games so it was definitely not a normal January night of high school basketball.   Of course, the most noticeable difference watching a game are the masks.  Players, coaches, officials, fans, everyone is required to wear them to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19.  

The players aren't thrilled about it but endure to make sure they can play this season.

"It's rough, it's rough," admitted Littlestown Senior Jayden Weishaar.  "It's a big change in this year but we've got to push through it.  You just take it one step at a time."

"You could see it.  Two minutes into it, they're all tired," said Littlestown Boys Basketball Head Coach Jonathan Forster. "As long as they're honest about needing to take a break, then we'll get them out and get them back in."

Elise Hassinger of Elizabethtown sums it up best for the players.  "It's an adjustment but we're just happy to be playing so we'll do whatever it takes."