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Lancaster auto shop converts classic cars into electric vehicles

Amp REVOLT takes out gas components of cars and installs an electric engine and battery.

LANCASTER, Pa. — Tucked away in a small alley, a Lancaster auto shop is giving old cars new life—by making them all-electric. The 13-year-old business is generating a lot of buzz in recent months.

“I feel like it’s really common knowledge now that you can convert a vehicle," said Brandon Hollinger, owner of Amp REVOLT. "Our inquiries have gone through the roof."

Amp Revolt takes the gas motors out of classic vehicles and puts in electric engines and batteries from Teslas. Brandon Hollinger says people come to him in order to make their favorite car run longer.

“They’ve got an old vehicle or a meaningful vehicle that they really like, and they want it to live forever," said Hollinger.

By putting in the electric motor, Hollinger’s cars are able to run more efficiently and quietly, with a little more speed added on top.

“They were no performers before and now they’re peeling out, it’s crazy," said Hollinger. "So, it’s the best of both worlds.”

With gas prices hovering just under $5 a gallon, Hollinger says driving his converted cars are comparatively cheaper. He says costs are between 3 to 10 cents a mile to drive.

“It’s like driving for free," Hollinger said. "I haven’t driven around just for fun since high school. Now, it’s something you can do and feel good about it.”

Amp Revolt mainly works with classic cars, but also with trucks and vans—vehicles that are not readily available in the current EV market.

Hollinger said Amp Revolt’s increasing popularity is setting him up to take on more projects—and helping promote green energy.

"We want to assist any way we can to get polluters off the road.”

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