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Caring through chemo: Local mother finds purpose in her cancer diagnosis

Angela Brockway was almost free and clear… “I went in for the very last one…That was the day they found a lump.” After nearly 5 years in...

Angela Brockway was almost free and clear...

"I went in for the very last one...That was the day they found a lump."

After nearly 5 years in remission, Angela learned she would have to battle breast cancer once again-- And just like last time, she would face chemotherapy head on.

Anita Miller, an infusion room RN at WellSpan Sechler Family Cancer Center works with Angela during her treatments, "She really has that fire in her to keep going forward."

While Angela fights her disease from a chair at the cancer center, her front porch at home welcomes donations for Red Lion families fighting their own battles.

Angela says, "Why don't we, every time that I go to a chemotherapy appointment, why don't we use our front porch to accept donations of food that will be distributed in the community."

At one of her weakest times, Angela's strength and determination are nothing short of admirable-- it is her ability to turn such a negative situation into something so beautiful resonating with others including her nurse Anita, "The fact that she is going through this kind of disruption in her life, that she's able to find joy in helping others."

Angela gets to ring a bell when she's finished with her treatment-- however, her mission isn't even close to being completed.

Angela says it feels more normal to shift the focus so something else, where they are raising awareness for others and the focus is on their kids.

So now, instead of dreading the days when Angela goes in for treatment-- the family has been able to embrace those appointments right from their own front porch.

Angela's daughter, Emerson explains 'Front Porch Donations' saying she's grateful for the project, "People every week come and they drop stuff off after her chemo and then we sort the items and take them to Community Reach in Red Lion."

The project is not only benefitting the community, it has been a welcome distraction for the Brockways.

Emerson says there is a tell-tale sign that someone is donating to the cause, "Our dogs always start barking so we always go check out the window-- I wonder if we know who's here to donate food."

Angela also welcomes the distraction, "The first thing I do when I head home is I start leaning forward as I get closer to the house to see-- and I'll say 'oh my goodness, look how much has been donated already, this is amazing!'"

More than 1000 pounds of food donated to Community Reach in Red Lion, and the Brockways aren't doing it alone... 

Logan Brockway, Angela's son says,"It has definitely brought us together as a team and the team, both sides, boys and girls, they've really truly been a great part of this."

When the Brockway's called on the Dallastown high school swim team, which Logan is a part of, they didn't hesitate to dive right in.

"Everyone really seemed to want to be a part of it and wanted to contribute, to just giving back."

Just as Angela had hoped, instead of dwelling on her illness, the kids are doing something wonderful for those in need.

"I think as adults, when you're in a child's life like that-- its like, what am I gonna leave them with? And I hope that when they're older, they remember this."

And it's what the kids including her youngest, Langley, are taking away from the process that has exceeded Angela's expectations...

"Even through all the negative times and everything that's, not gonna-- seems that it's not gonna be ok, in the moment, and it does get better."

Logan says, "It has definitely opened up our eyes to how fortunate we really are and what we take for granted."

The kids aren't the only ones though that are taking something away from this process, as Angela is learning too,"In a time you don't feel very powerful, there's nothing I can really do besides come for treatment-- but I certainly can feel powerful in helping and making a difference."

And little do the kids know-- their giving spirit is helping Angela. She says, "I've honestly, I've told the teenagers-- you're helping me to heal. I hope they really know that I mean it, I really do."

Angela`s final chemotherapy session is April 27th

If you would like to contribute to 'Front Porch Donations' you can find all of the information at you can drop off donations at Angela's home: 2773 Chestnut Run Road York, PA 17402.

Or drop them by Community Reach in Red Lion in Angela's Name: 15 1st Ave, Red Lion, PA 17356


While her chemo is coming to an end, the Brockways hope the donations to community reach don`t stop with her appointments. Angela and the kids are already thinking of ways to keep the giving going--her kids are hoping to involve the entire Dallastown high school moving forward.