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Beating the odds: 96-year-old York County woman recovers from COVID-19

A 96-year-old York County woman was discharged from the hospital Tuesday after beating COVID-19.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A 96-year-old woman from York County was discharged from the hospital Tuesday after beating COVID-19.

Holly Sarti said her grandmother, Lillian Anspach, is the only 96-year-old she knows that can use an iPhone and a computer.

"I mean, it's really cool," Sarti said. "She emails. She's still with it."

Her wits, though, couldn't fend off COVID-19. Lillian tested positive July 15th. Because of her age, and other pre-existing health conditions, it didn't look good.

"We were devastated, because from the very beginning we've all said if my mom gets it, or my grandmother gets it - we didn't think she'd come home," Sarti said. "Our biggest fear was we would never be able to talk to her before she was gone."

Fast forward two weeks, Lillian is home sweet home.

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"The only thing that bothers me is the breathing," Lillian said. "And I can't get my breath and my strength back. But other than that I can keep going."

Which is good, because her family members needs her. All 29 of them. She has 3 kids, 5 grand kids, 18 great grand kids, and 3 great great grand kids.

Lillian said her faith, carried her through the experience.

"I'm glad I am where I am because I know this is where God wants me," Lillian said. "And we all stick together and it's just a wonderful wonderful family."

"Ya know she has said her whole life, 'we come from good stock' is what she always says," Sarti said. "All of us grandchildren, great grandchildren - we all come from good stock. And her genes proved hat she could fight this."