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Dauphin County teacher uses stimulus money to help students' families

Matthew Pierce, a teacher at Milton Hershey School, decided to use his stimulus money to help his students and set a good example.

HERSHEY, Pa. — A teacher went above and beyond to help his students.

Matthew Pierce, a teacher at Milton Hershey School, knew right away what he wanted to do with his stimulus money when he got it.

Pierce saw the need to support his students' families.

He decided he was going to try and solve one day's worth of problems.

Pierce said he used his stimulus money to buy several Uber Eats gift cards and provide families with a meal.

"Whatever situation that they begin with is not the situation that they have to end in, and along the way, you can do good things for other people," added Pierce.

The Dauphin County teacher said it's important to set a good example for kids.

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