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Your spring checklist for the exterior of your home | Home Smart

The winter months can be some of the most brutal for the exterior of your home. Here's how to make sure you're ready for the transition to spring.

YORK, Pa. — The winter season puts some of the harshest weather on the exterior of your home, and property in general, all year long. 

From the roof to the basement, sidewalks to windows, just about every part of your property should be on your checklist for spring.

Tate Kruzon is a home inspector with Homecheck, Inc. based in York County, servicing properties all across our region and northern Maryland. We toured a home in York County to walk around everything that should be looked at.

"Gutters for debris, any damage from snow runoff, things like that," Kruzon explained.

Trees and shrubs should be cleared away and trimmed from gutters as well. While you're up on the roof, check the structure of your chimney, roof flashings and shingles as well, Kruzon says. It's also the time to think about any projects you may need to do, other than structural maintenance.

"Do that caulking, painting, priming, sealing, refinishing all the exterior wood surfaces," Kruzon said.

Those wood surfaces include sealing up door frames and windows, while other caulking for vinyl siding should be looked at as well for general maintenance and repair. 

And no check is complete without a visit to the basement.

"Nine times out of ten, any water problems in the basement are going to come from your gutters, your downspout and your gradient," Kruzon said.

Look both at the exterior and interior of your foundation, if you have a basement, for cracking, signs of moisture and general decay.

Spring is also termite season. Look for flat surfaces where insect parts may collect, as well as along the wood beams themselves. 

Don't forget to check outdoor hoses and exterior water lines for cracking and leaking as well.

For more information not included in the video above, Kruzon said to contact a local inspector, contractor or handyman to come out and examine the property should you not feel comfortable enough doing so yourself. 

You can also contact Homecheck, Inc. for more information as well.

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