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Weather Rewind: Thanksgiving style!

In this week's Weather Rewind, we go back through the record books and look at some of the most notable weather extremes to occur on Thanksgiving Day!
Credit: FOX43 Weather

HARRISBURG, Pa. — It's Friday, and that means it's time for another Weather Rewind. 

In the spirit of the holiday weekend, FOX43 meteorologist Andrea Michaels is bringing a Thanksgiving twist to the table.

We’re looking way back in the record books for this Weather Rewind to some of the most extreme Thanksgivings of years past.

From the hottest to the coldest temperatures—to the snowiest and the rainiest!


Let's start in the not-so-distant past with a look at high temperatures from the last five years.

Last year's high reached 53 degrees, but it was even warmer in 2020 with a temperature of 65 degrees. This wasn't a record, though it was very warm.

Thanksgiving 2018 stands out as one of our more recent, coldest highs at 31 degrees, but it is not the record coldest either.

As far as precipitation and snowfall goes the last five years, there's really nothing noteworthy. It's been fairly quiet.

Now let's get a check on the extremes!

The warmest high of 70 degrees was tied most recently in 2007. Our 2020 high of 65 wasn't too far away.

The record coldest high of 28 degrees was back in 1938. That 2018 high of 31 degrees was pretty close. 

The snowiest Thanksgiving also accompanied that record cold high in 1938, when 6.8 inches of snow fell.

The wettest Thanksgiving brought 0.67 inches of rain a few years before in 1935.

The coldest low temperature occurred in 1930 and was a frigid 16 degrees. 

Keep in mind that these numbers are since record-keeping started in 1888.

Stay tuned every Friday for the "whys" behind the weather wonders that grab our attention each week!

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