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New Year's Day weather extremes | Weather Rewind

We're looking way back through the record books for some New Year's Day fun! From the warmest to the coldest, and the snowiest to the wettest, let's rewind!

HARRISBURG, Pa. — In the spirit of the New Year, this week’s Weather Rewind brings a special holiday surprise!

Instead of looking back at this past week, here’s a look way back in the record books at some of the most extreme New Year’s Days.


We’ll start with a look back at high temperatures for the last five years, and there was quite the notable temperature swing from 2017 through 2019!

Highs went from a mild 49 degrees in 2017 to a bitterly cold 19 degrees in 2018—just to ring in the new year with a balmy 55 degrees in 2019!

Despite the wild temperature swings, there weren’t any major storm systems of note.

Credit: FOX43 Weather
There have been some wild temperature swings from year-to-year in New Year's Days past, and this year will be no exception!

Onward to the extremes that look at the numbers since record-keeping for Harrisburg started in 1888.

The warmest high was 65 degrees not too long ago in 2005.

You have to go way back to 1918 for the coldest high of 14 degrees.

But you don’t have to go that far back for the coldest low!

A new record of negative 2 degrees was set in 2018, accompanying that cold high just mentioned a bit earlier!

Credit: FOX43 Weather

The most snow fell back in 1971, when the new year brought in a fresh 7.3 inches of snow with it!

The most rain was recorded even further back in 1948.

A soaking rain fell just shy of an inch and a half.

Stay tuned every Friday for the whys behind the weather wonders that catch our eye each week!

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