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Prevent damage to the home by maintaining your gutters | Home Smart

If and when we do get precipitation, it's important to make sure the gutters are clear of fallen leaves and summer build-up so long-term damage does not occur!

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — During the fall season, the combination of heavy rain and falling leaves can create big problems for your home.

“Locally, we have quite a few varieties of trees and pine needles that are a gutter’s worst enemy,” said Jacob Strouse, solutionist for The Brothers That Just Do Gutters. "You could have them lying at the bottom of your gutters causing your metals to rot, as well as overflow problems that can leak into your foundation, cause foundational cracks as well, and in the worst-case scenario, it can cause mold in your basement."

That’s why local maintenance company The Brothers That Just Do Gutters says it’s important to keep those downspouts clear.

“You know, people just think it is just gutters, but the fact that if you don’t take quick action, it can actually lead to bigger issues in the long run,” said Obi Akujieze, franchise owner of The Brothers That Just Do Gutters.

To cut down on major issues and avoid long-term damage, The Brothers That Just Do Gutters say to look for these three problem signs:

  1. Leaking seams 
  2. Leaking behind your gutter system 
  3. Overflowing gutters 

“[These things] over time cause erosion, it can cause problems to wood siding, it can cause cracks to your stone foundation; there is a multitude of damage that can occur from a poorly flowing gutter system,” Strouse said. 

They also suggest homeowners take pictures or videos of problem areas to help their team find the right fix, fast.

“Call the professionals out if you don’t feel comfortable doing it," said Chad Gittle, installer for The Brothers That Just Do Gutters. "Some people do, or they will just get the lower ones and say, ‘Hey I cleaned this out, but I can’t do that up there.' I got you.”

To keep your home in tip-top shape all year round, it is recommended that gutters get serviced at least once a year. 

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