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Brazil flooding causes landslides, mudslides | Weather Rewind

In this week's Weather Rewind, we look back at landslides in Brazil. We'll look at how common they are in Pennsylvania and where they are most common.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — It’s time for another Weather Rewind, where we look back at this past week’s weather, but with a twist.

This week, we take a trip down to the southern hemisphere for some incredible video of landslides and mudslides.


Check out the video above from Brazil, where heavy rain caused landslides and mudslides in the country’s north São Paulo state on Sunday.

Rain amounts in the region exceeded 23.6 inches in one day, one of the highest amounts reported in such a short amount of time.

The waters triggered landslides and mudslides that caused severe damage to local communities, leaving more than 50 homes destroyed.

A road that connects Rio de Janeiro to the port city of Santos was blocked by landslides and floodwaters.

Popular Carnival festivities for residents and tourists were cancelled.

Pennsylvania is no stranger to landslides and mudslides, with some parts of the state more prone than others.


To lay the groundwork, let’s begin by distinguishing between a landslide and a mudslide, since there are some subtle differences that can get confusing.

A landslide is when large masses of rock, earth or debris move down a slope.

They can happen after heavy rains, droughts, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

A mudslide is a common type of fast-moving landslide that tends to flow in narrow channels, consisting of mud and other soil particles.

You might also hear them called mudflows or debris flows.

Credit: FOX43 Weather
Although similar, there are some important distinctions between a landslide and a mudslide.

Here in Pennsylvania, the Southwest is most susceptible to landslides.

It’s not uncommon for so-called “backyard” landslides in the Pittsburgh area to just be left alone or partially repaired.

Many landslides likely go unaccounted for since there’s no official way to report them, and sometimes they’re not even seen in the first place.

Credit: FOX43 Weather
The Southwest is the most prone region to landslides in Pennsylvania.

One happened near our area not too long ago, and you might recall hearing about it.

Back in November 2020, heavy rain prompted a landslide in Northumberland County.

Credit: FOX43 Weather
A notable, nearby, and recent landslide occurred back in 2020 in Northumberland County.

An estimated 7,500 tons of rock covered all four lanes of Route 11 just west of Danville.

Stay tuned for all the whys behind the weather wonders that grab our attention each week!

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