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Multiple rounds of snow showers plus a dangerous ice storm unfolding!

ROUND ONE OF WINTER WEATHER: Snow showers will overspread the area through the rest of Sunday evening. Snow flurries are already falling in Franklin county as o...
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DANGEROUS ICE STORM POTENTIAL: As snow begins to try to transition to rain, we are watching the potential for a dangerous ice storm to unfold late Monday night into Tuesday. The upper levels of the atmosphere will be warming, but temperatures at the surface will still be below freezing. That means, although rain will be falling through the atmosphere, it will freeze on contact with the roads and anything at the surface. Depending on how quickly we can climb back above the freezing mark, that will depict how much ice we can see. Most models are in agreement that we will not climb above freezing until late afternoon – early evening on Tuesday which would be the worst case scenario. That means we could see nearly 12 hours of freezing rain adding up to a quarter of an inch of ice accumulation. Any ice accumulation is dangerous and will create an absolute nightmare on the roads. This system appears to resemble the November snow we received followed by freezing rain and eventually rain. Major roads were shut down for hours and driving anywhere was near impossible. This is the scenario we fear may be possible by Tuesday. We will continue to monitor and update you as we close in on this system.

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Meteorologist Jessica Pash