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Travel season at its peak, local travel agents say airports are busier now more than ever

With travel restrictions in place the past two years, Sophie Fellner with Fernweh Travel Experiences, says now people are itching to take a vacation.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Summer is underway and that means more travelling for Pennsylvanians.

But for Kayla Wisniewski, inflation has thrown a wrench in her summer plans.

"Me and my husband were going to take a flight to Disney a couple of months ago and we couldn't because of how expensive it was," she said.

She's seen prices as high as $900 for a round trip to Florida.

"We went to Disney a couple of years ago and it was less than half of what it is now," she said.

But for others, sticker shock isn't playing a factor on summer plans.

Sophie Fellner, the owner of Fernweh Travel Experiences in York County, says travel season may be at its peak.

"We were flying out of Washington Dulles and if you are not there at the airport three hours early now, you're probably going to miss your flight," she explained. "I haven't seen airports like this in a while."

With COVID-19 travel restrictions the past two years, Fellner says now people are itching to take a vacation.

While that means more business for her, the fear of flight cancellations as travel season gets even busier is always there.

"I just try to be available like all the time, I know when my clients are traveling so sometimes I'm working like 24/7," she said.

However, there are some ways to prepare in the event of a flight cancellation.

"All of my clients have travel insurance which I highly recommend fore everyone so in case your flights get cancelled and you need another flight your travel insurance will cover it," Fellner said.

Amid inflation, flight prices are also skyrocketing.

Domestic airline fares for summer are averaging more than $400 a round trip, 24% higher than this time in 2019, before the pandemic, and a whopping 45% higher than a year ago, according to data from travel firm Hopper.

Fellner says proper preparation is key, "Book as soon as you know you want to go somewhere don't do any last minute things. If you want to go to Mexico next year reach out to a travel agent and book everything already."

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