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These three hidden gems in Lancaster County are worth exploring for your next staycation

While traveling throughout Lancaster County, you’re likely to stumble upon many hidden gems throughout the countryside.

Ed Harris from Discover Lancaster shared three places you can go to experience an adventure that’s close to home.

Our first hidden gem is the White Cliffs of Conoy looking over the beautiful Susquehanna.

The cliffs stand about 30 feet tall and are made of limestone and dolomite. The mile and a half walk and the beautiful view make it the perfect outdoor activity the whole family will enjoy.

“It’s such a spectacular and unique place to take your family and just create memories in such a unique environment with that beautiful view of the Susquehanna river, it's a popular place and we’re not surprised.”

Our second hidden gem is Verdant View Farm in Paradise Lancaster County.

The Farm opened back in 1967 and has been welcoming visitors ever since. They offer farm tours to guests and even teach you how to milk a cow.

“You can learn about sustainable agriculture, farm to table, so not only is it enjoyable but also educational.”

Our third hidden gem on this tour through Lancaster County is the Prussian Street Arcade.

The Prussian Street Arcade in Manheim offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience offering over 100 different boutique makers selling unique products.

One of the things that makes Lancaster County unique is the craftsmanship that everyone knows Lancaster County for and that’s what you really experience when you head to Prussian Street Arcade because at these 100 boutiques you see all these items you can get only there and nowhere else and that’s what makes it really special.”

So if you’re on the fence about traveling and planning a vacation, consider the unexpected hidden gems in your own backyard.