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How to take your bucket list trip in 2021 | Travel Smart

Finance expert Patrice Washington gives advice on how to plan your bucket list trip in 2021 and how to save money while doing it.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — After a tough year for many, Americans are ready to get back to traveling. Bucket list vacations are a hot topic this year and many people are ready to take their dream vacations in 2021. 

Author, speaker, and finance expert Patrice Washington is helping people redefine wealth so they can enjoy life and start checking vacation spots off their bucket lists again. 

“Wealth is so much more than just money and material possessions," she said. "The original definition of wealth is the condition of well-being, so how are you happy and fulfilled in the process, and for many people family and friends is what makes them happy and that’s why I know we want to get back out and travel."

COVID-19 has reminded us to live life to the fullest and the good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to check off one of your bucket list trips. 

“We want to celebrate that we are here and that we do still have an opportunity to see so many amazing wonders and adventures that are right here in our backyard," Washington said. "I think it's really taught us to take advantage of everyday and sometimes just getting out of our own little bubble at home is a way to do that and we don’t have to go far to have an amazing experience." 

Washington says it's important to do your research and shared a couple ways to save money when planning your trip. 

First, expand your search radius for hotel accommodations. 

“You don’t always have to look in that wish list city that you may want to go to because it will be more expensive; there are thousands of hotels just a few miles out,” Washington said.  

Second, consider traveling during the off season. 

Washington states, “You don’t have to travel at the height of the summer or during the holidays, you can look into the off-season to take advantage of some great deals as well and avoid the crowds.” 

Lastly, book a suite with a full kitchen. 

“Food and eating out actually takes up a big part of our budget so if you plan to stay in a suite, you have that full kitchen and can cook some meals there, you can have snacks and drinks ready for the kids and that’s also money you don’t have to worry about,” Washington said.  

Finally, she added that there are many hidden gems in the U.S. that make great vacation spots. 

“Honolulu, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York City are some places but remember you don’t need to stay in that city, you can expand your search radius there and look a few miles outside of the city to save money,” Washington said.

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