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Families hit the road on busiest travel day of the year

According to AAA, nearly 54 million Americans are expected to travel for Thanksgiving in what's expected to be the busiest travel season since 2019.

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — From the tracks to the highways, more than 54 million Americans are traveling this Thanksgiving, according to AAA.

Nearly two million of them are hitting the road in Pennsylvania alone.

"The last few months at work have been very hectic and getting a lot of projects done so it’s going to be nice to relax a few days at home with family," said Daniel Shalala of Lancaster.

Some people traveling through Lancaster County on Wednesday got on the road early in the day to try to avoid rush hour traffic.

“We left about 8:30 [a.m.], stopped for breakfast and we’ll be there in another hour and ten minutes," said Bob Hepner of Northumberland.

FOX43 spoke to travelers stopping in at the Bowmansville Service Plaza near Denver.

Judy Fogelsonger said the roads weren't too bad.

"Normal, very good, they’re fine," she said. "We even remarked it wasn’t any busier than normal.”

But even the busier roads are a welcome sight for travelers, many of whom may have had to adjust holiday plans these last few years due to the pandemic.

“It’s great having it back that we can meet with everyone so it’s all good," said Jenny Hepner of Northumberland.

“It’s wonderful, we’ve already taken two trips this year that were postponed from last year," added Fogelsonger.

This Thanksgiving is being met with inflation and stubbornly high gas prices, which are finally starting to creep down.

“It really hasn’t bothered us, I mean they were about $4 a gallon where we live," said Bob Hepner. "That’s about where it’s been.”

But some travelers say they did change their plans to cut costs.

“I left my car at home just because I thought it’d be easier to travel like that but going back and forth, with gas prices, not really the best," said Shalala who decided to take the train home to Conshohocken, rather than drive.

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