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How to be more eco-friendly when traveling | Travel Smart

Earth Day served as a reminder to us all that just because traveling is somewhat more safe now, doesn't mean we should disregard the planet when doing so.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — We celebrated Earth Day this week, a reminder to take care of the environment and make small changes to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

In this week's Travel Smart, FOX43 Traffic Anchor Trenice Bishop found out how we can stay eco-friendly while still indulging on travel.

She spoke with Edyta Satchell, from Global Travel Wellness about eco-friendly travel becoming more popular in recent years. She said that many people want to experience the natural environment without damaging or disturbing the habitat. She suggests visiting eco-resorts, which work toward environmental sustainability and social responsibility while also providing world class service and experiences in nature.

According to Forbes, the top eco-resorts in the world are Camp Glenorchy in New Zealand, Fogo Island Inn in Canada, and Heckfield Place in England.

“Those resorts are taking very good care of their guests and they are not cheap but they allow you to not only save energy but also spend more time with nature and energize your own batteries when you travel," Satchell said.

In the United States, the top eco-friendly places to stay are Aria Las Vegas, Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Orchard Garden in San Francisco.

Satchell also suggested a few measures you can take to make your travel more eco-friendly. She said taking reusable water bottles, walking or biking places, taking public transportation, and avoiding littering are all great steps.

Lastly, said she to be open-minded about change and to support changes hotels and resorts are making to protect the environment. Things like eliminating plastic straws, and not changing the towels and sheets every day are vital.

“We are not used to those things," she said. "Many times when we see we are not provided a plastic straw or something, we see this as a negative thing. We need to change the way we look at it - our perception."

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