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Tips on how to be prepared when traveling this holiday season | Travel Smart

Omar Kawyan from Goose Insurance shared advice with on how be prepared for your next vacation.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, travel is starting to ramp up again.   

“We’re seeing a trend of something called revenge travel where there has been a lot of pent up demand for consumers who want to travel especially outside of the U.S.,” Omar Kawyan from Goose Insurance said.  

Kawyan said to be prepared while traveling this holiday season and what to research before you plan that trip. 

"If you’re traveling outside the U.S., know what the requirements are for entering the country in terms of vaccination or in terms of proof of negative PCR test, or a negative COVID-19 test... Essentially some countries actually require you to have adequate travel medical insurance specifically for COVID-19,” Kawyan explained.   

He shared three tips on what you should do when planning your holiday vacation.  

Understand the requirements

“Understand where you’re going and understand where the requirements are so do a little bit of research and even if you’re traveling within the United States and to another state understand what the vaccination requirements are for you to go to restaurants and so on and so forth,” Kawyan said.   

Know the airlines refund rules

“Look into the airline specifically, what their refund rules are before booking and understand that very clearly so you know exactly what you’re getting yourselves into and do a little comparison. There’s a lot of comparison sites for airline tickets but it’s really the refund rules especially at a time like this,” Kawyan said.  

Buy that COVID-19 plan 

"if you’re traveling outside of the us you should definitely buy the COVID-19 plan, if I’m traveling within the United States I would get a trip protection plan that has the medical component to it as well as it has the trip cancellation component to it,” Kawyan said.   

For those of you who are planning to get away during the holidays it’s important to plan ahead and prepare incase you need to cancel your trip last minute.  

“Do not travel whether you’re traveling out of state or outside of the county without travel medical or trip protection. those are your number one "go-to's" to protect you if you need it right now,” Kawyan said.  

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