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Airbnb sees rise in nearby bookings as people take more staycations | Travel Smart

Sam Randall with Airbnb shares how the platform has changed since the pandemic and how Airbnb is redefining what it means to staycation.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — With remote working and learning being the new normal, people can now work and go to school from anywhere in the world. 

“Throughout 2020 and even in the first part of 2021, we’ve really seen a rise in nearby stays,” Sam Randall with Airbnb said.  

Since the pandemic began, packing up the car and taking the family on a road trip to a nearby vacation spot is a trend people are hopping on. 

“That’s the kind of travel that has really been desired throughout the pandemic and it’s something we will continue to see on the platform,” Randall said.  

He also says this trend will allow more people to take vacations throughout the year and reserve longer term stays. 

“This increased flexibility that people have in life now is enabling them to work remotely and use Airbnb to find places to do that,” Randall said.  

The draw? A change of scenery while staying at a place that has everything you need for a long term stay, he says. 

“A listing likely has everything you need to work remotely and live remotely," he said. "Many of our listings have kitchens, backyards, enough bedrooms for a family, a washer and dryer, many things that traditional hotel rooms do not have." 

Randall advises people who want to book a staycation to be flexible because you might find some unique listings along the way.  

So, if you’re feeling the itch to get back out and travel but also want to stay safe and healthy, consider looking into an Airbnb listing to see where you can have your next staycation. 

“I think many people who have been living in cities over the last year-and-a-half are ready for some wide open spaces  and are ready for that gorgeous view outside of their listing,” Randall said. 

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