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Three travel trends to follow in 2022 | Travel Smart

Edyta Satchell, travel and wellness expert, shares three trends to follow when planning your 2022 vacations.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Before you begin to plan travel for 2022, there are three trends you may want to follow this year to take advantage of your vacation time. 

Edyta Satchell, travel and wellness expert, spoke about these trends with FOX43.

"There are more components to travel these days than just packing my luggage, buying a ticket, and just going,” Satchell said.  

As we are headed into another year of the pandemic, travel trends and destinations may look a little different for 2022. 

First, people want to explore the countries they haven’t visited. 

“When we go to Europe, we focus on those countries that we typically visit; which is Great Britain, France, and Italy. but I would like to invite everyone and encourage everyone to look at those different countries, even if you’ve traveled and visited those most popular countries like France, go to the places where you have not been yet, to explore them and to learn something new,” Satchell said.  

Second, people are ready to travel for rest and relaxation. 

“Look at the Caribbean islands where you are able to go and explore but also relax," she said. "If you are selecting a resort, look at their activities and their programs. Many of them are providing things like yoga classes, meditation classes, and different type of activities that will help you rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit." 

And third, people connecting to their heritage and culture while traveling. 

“There are a lot of places to go and visit and explore from the heritage standpoint, from the amazing food standpoint, and the amazing beverage standpoint," Satchell said. 

Satchell also says to focus when planning your trip and pay attention to the changing COVID guidelines to relieve stress and anxiety while on vacation. 

“You are limited in the areas you go to," she said. "So, even if you make a list of the places you want to visit, you need to check if the museums are open and if the popular events are still happening because sometimes they are closed at the eleventh hour." 

 Satchell's most important tip?

“Travel with focus. Have fun, don’t forget to smile, and enjoy it."  

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