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Funds from former Gov. Wolf and the DCNR going towards planting trees in Dauphin County

In an effort to go green in Pennsylvania, funds from former Governor Wolf and the DCNR will be allocated to Susquehanna Township to plant trees in local parks.

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — Former Governor Wolf and his administration announced an $11.8 million  investment to plant trees and meadows in Pennsylvania, in order to better the environment and enhance recreation.

“Not only will that benefit the people, but it will also benefit the environment as well,” said Kalaia Tripeaux a TreeVitalize tree equity specialist with the DCNR TreeVitalize Program

In an effort to keep the Commonwealth climate resilient, Dauphin County will be receiving approximately $63,000 from the investment through the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The money will go towards planting trees in five Susquehanna Township parks.

“Susquehanna Township noticed that they had a lack of trees throughout these various parks, and they want to include more trees to create shade as well as increase the tree canopy to assist with stormwater management,” said Tripeaux.

With the help of TreeVitalize and the DCNR, 57 trees will be planted this coming fall to ensure their survival. The trees will be planted in Christian McNaughton Memorial Park, Edgemont Community Park, Beaufort Park, Crown Point Park and Veterans Memorial Park.

Of that 57, the township and tree suppliers will choose eight different native species based on supply to increase biodiversity while promoting native varieties.

Tripeaux mentioned that the current Tree Equaity Score was 68% in Susquehanna Township. This score is determined by the White House Council on Environmental Quality's Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool to identify nature-deprived areas. 

“By planting new trees, the township and park system will increase their native plant species as well as promote native animal species to thrive in the area and help prevent invasive species from embedding the region,” said Tripeaux.

Tipeaux also says that the planting will increase the Tree Equity Score in the area as well. 

In addition to the environmental impact on air quality and stormwater management, it will also add to the parkgoer experience.

More trees will shade the parks to cool nature lovers down during the spring and summer months and the landscaping will also add to the overall outdoor aesthetic.

To keep up with the project follow along with the DCNR on Twitter or Facebook.

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