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York Catholic's Reed uses juggling to raise her game

While it might look like fun and games, Reed improves her hand-eye coordination with the unique warm-up.

GLEN ROCK, Pa. — With just seconds left in the York-Adams Championship game, York Catholic holds a one-goal lead.  

The opponent has the ball coming out of a timeout.  

All eyes will be on goalie Amanda Reed and she knows it. 

She doesn't let teammates talk to her as she heads back between the pipes.

"I get riled up really easily, so I need to calm down and take deep breaths. If I was in the huddle, it would've been a little bit of a sensory overload for me," Reed explained with a laugh.  

"When I was on the field, I didn't want people talking to me so I could stay in that zone," she continued. 

Between the position of the players on offense and defense, the time on the clock, and constantly changing variables, Reed has a lot to juggle in a very short amount of time. But as it turns out, juggling is kind of her thing.

"I just thought it was so cool," said Reed. "It's a party trick that I do wherever. I can do it with apples, oranges, whatever I want. It's just so fun to be able to do."

While going to camps to be recruited, there were only so many goalies on the field at one time, which meant Reed needed something to help pass the time.

"I don't even know how I learned. I think it's just repetitive practice and just people telling me the same thing over and over again how to do it, because you can't really explain how to juggle."

During warm-ups, you can find Reed juggling. The York Catholic junior is so good, she can literally do it with one hand behind her back. But, like the Irish lacrosse team, her juggling has come a long way this season.

"It was funny. She wasn't perfect in the beginning of the year and balls would be flying all over the place, but she's ready for the circus, I'll tell you that," said Head Coach Jim Mullen.

"When I was doing it today, everyone was saying, 'She's so good. Special talent! Hidden talent! Amanda Reed, there she goes!' I love it," added the Georgetown commit. "I think it's so funny that they think it's so cool because it really isn't that hard to learn how to juggle."

And while it might be all fun and games, it serves a very real purpose to help her game.

"It helps you understand where the ball is going to go cause when I talk about hand-eye coordination, you think about the ball coming into your hand or you're watching the ball coming back into your hand. Your hands are just supposed to know where your hands are going to go. So in the goal, I'll step a specific way to bait the shooter to go one way. So I know she's already going there, so my hands are already going there."

Reed hopes to help the Irish juggle their schedules in the playoffs for a few more weeks, all the way to states.

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