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Three time NCAA champ delivers message to young area wrestlers | Spotlight

Jason Nolf advises wrestlers to go out and score points during week night camp

EAST PETERSBURG, Pa. — Inside a Lancaster county barn on a stormy evening, the action was even more intense than the thunderstorm passing overhead.

The message being delivered inside; “you got to be on the attack, that is how you win matches!” 

Pennsylvania is one of the best prep wrestling states in the country. If and when kids have a chance to learn from one of the best, they take it, even if that opportunity takes place in the middle of a downpour. 

While the wind howled and rain came down in sheets, the drills on the mat inside "The Barn" continued.

The leader, three time NCAA National Champion and member of Team USA, Jason Nolf. Penn State's all-time pins leader was showing techniques and preaching his philosophy of intensity.

"Have the most exciting wrestling style and wrestle at a higher pace than anybody has ever done it before."

That is Jason Nolf, always hunting for a score as if he was a wolf waiting for the perfect moment. Fitting as he wears a "Nolf Pack" t-shirt during the night's session. 

"Instead of winning close matches, even against the top guys. (You) go out and gets pins and tech falls every time," he tells the campers.

 As they circle around him their eyes lock in and watch him demonstrate his moves. At one point Nolf jokingly asked FOX43, not to show his "super secret" move.  You can tell the kids soak in every bit of detail like a sponge.  The attacking style Nolf, believes is good for the future of the sport. 

“It's going to grow wrestling. The more points that are on the board, the more fun wrestling is going to be to watch and the more people that are going to watch wrestling.” 

 After the season it is easy to see the message was received loud and clear. 

"100 percent," according to Braden Edwards who wrestles for Hempfield. "When you have guys like this coming in you definitely want to get better and learn more technique."

 Addison Horner of Mountville who is in her third year wrestling and is one of the many young girls taking up the sport wouldn't miss this opportunity to learn from one of America's top wrestlers.

“He’s (Nolf) pretty big and to have someone teaching you that is that high, is really cool," she said with a smile.

“I learned a lot moves today, some of my favorites were the ankle pick and the front flip.”

It is no coincidence those moves all translate into points when executed correctly. 

It is a night that will find its way into the memory bank and that should pay dividends when the duel season roles around according to Nolf.

“During the season is when you fine tune everything, but during the summer is when you make big jumps and get a lot better.” 

The proof of all that work then shows up on podiums, something Jason Nolf is very familiar with. 

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