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Trone Outdoor Motorsports set to race two cars in 2023 | Fast Lane

Wagaman Jr. and Smith land rides for John Trone.

ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. — At the end of the racing season, we weren’t sure who would be in the No. 39, racing around Central Pa, after both Troy Wagaman Jr. and Cameron Smith got some seat time.

It was only fitting that they both picked up their first fulltime rides, out of their own equipment and racing for John Trone.

“We ended the season with these two guys, I like both of them, they both have a lot of talent and I think we can help them move on and get to bigger things. I didn’t want to let one of them go, and then I'd feel bad for the other. So, I said, we’ll just run two cars." said John Trone, owner of Trone Outdoor Motorsports.

This isn’t the first time Trone Outdoor Motorsports has had two cars running at once.

"Back in the day when Doug Esh and Tim Glatfelter, (Cameron's) his uncle used to drive for me, we ran two cars and actually. The (No.) 39T won the feature at Lincoln before our #1 car did. Doug wasn't too happy about that," said a chuckling Trone.

That also brings a family full circle with Tim Glatfelter and his nephew, Cameron.

"He (Tim) taught me a lot. It's nice getting to know everyone at the track. I know everyone. Kevin, he's working on my car, he actually helped him the night he got his first 410 win in John's car. So, that's super cool," said Cameron Smith. He was only four-years-old when Glatfelter won his first race with Trone in 2009.

Both drivers are coming off their best seasons. It was only a matter of time until Troy Wagaman Jr. checked off his first win in a 410 in August at Lincoln.

"We struggled a little bit earlier but then we got really consistent through the big stretch at Lincoln; 3rd, 4th, 5th, tons of seconds, a lot of close finishes and finally got a win. It was like finally! Never thought we'd end up winning. So, it was really good to finally get a win," said Wagaman Jr.

Half a dozen races in the No. 39 and he finished in the top ten in nearly every race.

Smith, on the other hand, had a breakout rookie season in the 358. He finished his first full year with six wins; four at Lincoln and two at Path Valley.

Smith ran eight races in the No. 39T. He never expected the transition from a 358 to a 410 would happen so quick for the Spring Grove High School Junior.

"I really focused on getting better," said Smith.

The dynamic duo from the No. 19, Wagaman’s uncle, car chief, Wilbur "Willie" Bechtel came with him to the No. 39 with him as Bechtel will team up with longtime Trone Outdoor Car Chief Kevin Frey on the No. 39T. They’ll all work as a team, to make each other better.

"Just coming together and seeing what what each of us like and what he's feeling. What I'm feeling and kind of get two chances out there to see what you're feeling to come together and get better," said Wagaman.

"I'm getting up there on how many more years I have to do this. So, we're gonna have fun while we can," said Trone.

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