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Rutherford Motorsports picks up first win; Pa based teams sweep Bristol

Takes just seven starts for Matt Campbell to win for new team.

YORK, Pa. — One team can finally release a little weight off their shoulders. Not having to worry about, not just the first win of the season but, the first win for a brand new team. 

Car counts around the tracks have been thriving but with a parts shortage and now a major tire shortage, this year wasn’t ideal to kickstart a new team. But, for Ron Rutherford, the cards aligned in his favor.

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“Obviously it’s fun to be a fan or a sponsor but you feel more involved when you’re an owner,' said Rutherford. 'It’s pretty cool to get that feeling of what it means to win as an owner, as well. Pretty special. Put a lot of time into it and I wanted to do it right so, we waited until now and here we are.“

In just their seventh try as a new team in 2022, Matt Campbell charged through the field to get the teams first win at Lincoln Speedway. Campbell says, when you put the time in the garage, the results will show on the track.

“I think the biggest thing is, I’m on a Maxim Chassis. Which is what I’m use to. It’s like going back and riding a bike. I’ve been running them since I started. We have a great shock program with CSI’s and the guy setting them up, Kirk Dewease, he’s doing just an awesome job. He gives me a great racecar every week. I have to keep up my driving for how good the car is," said Campbell.

With the right team to make the right changes, the night before their first win, the team scratched from Williams Grove during the All-Star race. Having a terrible vibration before qualifying and didn't have enough time to fix the problem. Twenty-four hours later, doing a wing dance in victory lane at Lincoln.

“To me now, it feels like there’s no pressure because we’ve proved that we can go out and do it. So, if we can run consistent, I’m going to be happy with that. If we win, I’ll be happy with that. I think now there’s zero pressure because we went out and proved to everybody, we can do this. That exceeded our expectations and now we’ll just have fun with it and do the best we can," said Campbell.

Another monkey jumped off a few drivers backs at the Bristol Showdown.

On Friday night, Logan Schuchart led the field to green at the last great colosseum. Battled Aaron Reutzel for a few laps before he took total control and his first Outlaw feature win of the season. Schuchart surpassed his grandfather Bobby Allen for career Outlaw wins or 31.

Saturday night, the shark had a chance to the sweep the weekend at Bristol. He started second but was quickly passed by Kyle Larson. As leader Spencer Bayston was in the final turn, the caution came out.

On the restart, Larson went low to throw a slider but he kept a lane open that allowed Bayston to drive back in front. The same happened coming to the white flag where Bayston secured the lead and picked up his first win with CJB Motorsports.

Pa based teams swept the Bristol Showdown as Schuchart finished with his fifth straight top five.

On the local dirt, Devon Borden wired the field for his first win at the Grove this year. Danny Dietrich ran out of time to catch the dare devil but, he continued his domination at Lincoln. Passed Jordan Givler with 20 left. Borden tried to sweep the weekend but Dietrich denied that for fourth win at the track this year.

The pilot Logan Wagner jet to the lead at the speed palace from sixth to win his third feature at Port Royal.

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