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Franklin & Marshall hosts girls in sports day | Sunday Frenzy

A day spent celebrating women and girls in sports and exposing girls to sports they may not have access to.

LANCASTER, Pa. — This year, 2022, marks the 50th Anniversary of the inception of Title XI through Educational Amendments of 1972. To celebrate, Franklin and Marshall college hosts a National Women and Girls sports day.

They hope to help to grow the knowledge of youth sports by introducing girls to sports they may not have access to.

“It’s really one of the great things. That everyone in society can take advantage off, no matter of your age, gender, race, social economic status. There’s just so much to love about what sports can do for you, across your life. Not just as a youth, not just as a competitive collegiate athlete but from K through 12 and beyond. The power of sport is transformational," said Lauren Packer Webster, F&M Athletic Director.

From beginners to advanced, it’s all about sharing a passion for a team or individual athletic program.

But, it goes beyond the field or the court.

Not every school offers every sport or some sports aren’t available for athletes to join until high school and that has some athletes scratching to find a place to compete.

“We didn’t have field hockey in elementary school. So ,I had to go down to Maryland and play field hockey when I actually wanted to get exposed to it. Getting exposed to it. You get to learn about all the different sports and get experience and find out when you really love at a young age," Kat Study, F&M field hockey sophomore midfielder (Southwestern High School).

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“It’s also about expanding what the definition of sport is. To expose these young these young women, these young girls that you can have a career in sport. Even if your not an athlete. You can work on the business side, the marketing side, you can work in athletic training in the sports medicine field," said Webster.

The teaching opportunities can be endless. The dips hope to make this an annual event.

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