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York Tech students compete to teardown and rebuild an engine | Fast Lane

The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow compete across the country.

YORK, Pa. — After a year hiatus, the Racing Xravagana made its return to the York Expo Center on the York State Fairgrounds.

A couple thousand race fans flocked to York for the two-day event, with a packed slate for the racing show. Everything dirt from Central Pa's tracks and also likes of Pocono Raceway, Bloomsburg, Bridgeport. All on hand to interact with fans.
Drivers and teams made appearances and had autograph sessions. The main stage where round tables and the new miss Racing Xtravaganza, Rylee Shaffer, was crowned. The racing shows held around the area gears fans up for a new season of racing, with the Philly Racing Show, Racing Xtravaganza and Motorama leading up to the kick off of a new season.

"Right after Motorama, we go right into the Ice breaker at Lincoln speedway and we just keep rolling. The off-season is getting shorter and shorter. So, this definitely fills in the gaps and gets us ready to go," said Racing Xtravaganza organizer, Scott Gobrecht.

This surely gets you excited for the upcoming season.

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The racing show was more than just everything dirt. It gave a chance for some local high schoolers to show off their skills. What skills you make ask. How about a team that competes tearing apart an engine and putting it back together. The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow team from York Tech race the clock to property disassemble and reassemble an engine.

“It’s a lot of fun, I mean, the experience and just enjoying everything about it just so much fun. Even just after a few practices, you get to enjoy everybody. It’s so much fun because there’s never a time I don’t want to be here," said Josh Seibert, York Tech Freshman.

Four students work together with a fifth arranging parts and tools.

“It helps a lot because not a lot of people know the parts of the engine. Because of the hotrodders, I’ve gotten to know more parts of the engine. More parts and the fundamentals of it and it just overall helps a lot," said Edward Martinez, York Tech Sophomore.

The team trains twice a week on a Chevy 350 engine for an hour and half. The team can get two runs in each day. It’s not just for the guys. The Hot Rodders have two teams; a boys team and a girls team. Each student has their own responsibility for a part of the engine, with certain parts working together.

“I don’t think it’s difficult at all. As long as you have the right coach and the right teacher to push you through. It’s very easy to learn. I enjoy it so much because it is fast pace and it really gets you moving and thinking,” said Alyson Hartley, York Tech Junior.

The team has competed at PRI. Finishing as one of the top teams. With the current pandemic, it has been tough scheduling competitions but the team looks forward to April for their next contest. One of the teams achieves their fastest time this year of 44 minutes, at the racing show.

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