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14-year-old ready for first full professional season | Fast Lane

Biglerville's Kayla Yaakov races in MotoAmerica's Junior Cup.

BIGLERVILLE, Pa. — When we're young, kids always dream big. Biglerville's Kayla Yaakov has done just so. Ever since she was introduced to a motorcycle at the age of three, she has soared and found her niche on two wheels.

Countless accolades throughout her career from nearly 300 wins to dozens of championships. And now, she isn’t your average 14-year-old. Kayla hits top speed around 130 miles per hour. Well before needing an actual license to drive and takes her talents to professional road racing.

In 2021, when Kayla turned 14, she was able to turn professional and made her rookie debut on MotoAmerica Racing Championship circuit. She currently races in the Junior Cup division on a 400cc road bike.

“We really didn’t know what to expect,' said Yaakov. 'We just kind of went into it and were going to have fun, which it what we always do and try to get the best results possible. Not only racing here in the states professionally for my first year but also going to Europe for my first year. It was a big thing and I definitely grew a lot and progressed a lot. Throughout the whole thing. I was a really cool experience and I was really happy what we did towards the end of the season; moving forward and gaining our momentum.”

That momentum carried her to her first podium finish. She became the first female to ever finish second on the circuit. Using her experience and knowledge to run her own race.

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She’s the only female in her class and doesn’t see it as pressure, rather motivation to be the best racer she can be.

“Everyone’s a competitor and we’re all racing. We’re all trying to win. So, I think others see me more as a competitor than the standout girl in the series. I have a really aggressive style and always in that attack mode," said Yaakov.

Kayla lets her talent do the talking on the track. Traveling for weeks on end for training or races. She also has to balance being a normal kid and go to school as she does cyber school with the Gettysburg School District.

This will be her first full season on tour and it will have an extra special meaning behind it. Kayla recently lost her brother and before the season kicks off in April, she's dedicating the 2022 season to Dylan.

“He’s always been a big supporter of me and this next season is definitely for him and definitely want to make him proud.”

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