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Norris picks up first career 410 feature | Fast Lane

Danny Dietrich; Doug Dodson capture first wins on season.

ABBOTTSTOWN, Pa. — The only sound of horsepower on Saturday rung through the Pigeon Hills.

Lincoln moved up their start time to four o’clock and was the only track not to cancel with the intermittent weather. Besides the wind, Lincoln saw it all. It was sunny one minute, rain the next and even snow showers but the show went on!

Rookie Zane Rudisill wired the field in heat race number four then with the luck of the draw, started on the pole of his first 410 A-Main.

Nine laps in, it was a three was battle for the lead with Rudisill, Devin Borden and Jimmy Seigel. Seigel slid Borden but he takes second right back. A lap later, Borden took the lead away from the rookie.

Two ticks over half way, just like his heat race. This time, from starting 10th, Dietrich passed Borden in three and four.

Running in fourth, Alan Krimes plus 16-spots through 29 laps. He would be the hard charger of the night after racing his way into the feature from the B-Main.

On the final restart, Dietrich took the middle lane with the hope of stopping anything All-Star Justin Peck threw at him. Double D would win his first feature of the season. Another successful week of racing at Lincoln, where driver are tipping their hats to the track prep.

"We've been coming here and it's been cold and snowing and raining and here we are with two lanes, at both ends really and it's just a lot of fun to race and to have it four races in a row to be this good, hats off to the whole track crew." said Dietrich. He now has 4-top five finishes in the first four races at the track.

Only 16-305s make the call for the feature but doesn’t matter for Doug Dodson. He goes from third to the lead after the first two turns. No cautions in this feature as Dodson finishes a half a lap ahead of second place to capture his first of the season.

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Over to the paperclip Friday night. At Williams Grove, Dylan Norris on the pole and is out like a jack rabbit for a little cushion holding the lead.

Borden coming on strong in the closing laps but runs out of fuel on the final lap to hand second to Kyle Reinhardt.

But the story of the night, in just his second full-time year in a 410 not only does Norris wire the field. He wins his very first 410 feature. A surreal moment for 18-year-old at the historic Williams Grove. The young driver has a different mindset going into this season that seems to be paying off. Wanted to win and not just compete and be another car in the pack. 

"It's so big to win at the Grove you look at the wins list of who has won there, the names just go on and on. We're finally a part of that," said Norris

The team has had five top 10 finishes in seven starts in Central PA this season.

When Norris isn’t at the track or in the shop, his number one focus is getting his homework done. Not doing homework on racing but actual school work.

Everyday, he heads to South Western for class. Norris is just a few months away from earning his high school diploma. He balances homework and his dream of being a full-time driver.

"My dad makes it really easy for me. He lets me focus on my schooling first, obviously, and he'll do anything to get this thing (sprint car) ready," said Norris.

The taste of one win is never enough, but winning for a team that carries a lot of history behind it.

"It's cool to carry on the legacy and win in our shop that we're in. A place where Kevin, Brian and Scott (Gobrecht) all raced out of that one point."

Norris will travel outside of Central Pa for more races this season.

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