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Borden matches season high in 410 wins; Marks, Dietrich pick up wins | Fast Lane

Strong start for Shuttlesworth-Stehman racing with two wins and 11-top tens.

YORK, Pa. — It’s been nearly two years since Devon Borden left the state of Washington to race fulltime in Pennsylvania. Borden and his team attribute off season work playing a key role to their current success.

“Really believed in each other and believed we could do it," said Devon Borden, driver No. 23 Shuttlesworth-Stehman racing.

It took just 12 races this early racing season for Borden to match his season high 410 win total, with two.

He won back-to-back weekends. First, put on a show with the legend Lance Dewease at Port Royal then last week picked up his first career win at BAPS.

“Lance is probably the benchmark that everyone is trying to reach. There’s a couple guys in our division. But, what you want to do is be able to race with those guys and put yourself on the stage with them and that’s the toughest part," said Jim Shuttlesworth, co-owner of Shuttlesworth-Stehman racing and crew chief for the No. 23.

Borden is two months shy of it being two years to the date of packing up everything and moving to the Keystone State; just days after he graduated high school in the state of Washington. He’s always dreamed about being a Pa Posse member but didn’t think it was possible. His desire to race and traveling with his family car from the west coast to the east coast, along with a few local connections, put him on the map.

“Little did I know I was going to be living here fulltime. It was definitely not expected change to my life," said Borden. “I grew up watching the Pa Posse and all of these guys and it’s just really cool to be a part of it now.”

This is the first full season for Shuttlesworth-Stehman racing. The team broke the ice just two months after they came together, last July, to pick up their first win at the Speed Palace in September. Opening the flood gates of what they know is possible.

“We really worked hard and over the winter to get him to believe in himself. A lot of people don’t understand how working to believe you can do something and seeing yourself, doing it. Is an important part of it," said Shuttlesworth.

Consistency is key with 11-top tens.

No one says success comes easy. It’s still a long season ahead but encouraging knowing they have what it takes to come out on top.

Borden said, “I feel like this is our year to shine and our year to make it happen and our year to be one of the best guys, here."

Weekly racing

Lady luck isn't on our side when it comes to the weather but it wasn't luck that has Brent Marks trucking through the field, from 20th to pick up his first win in Ohio last weekend, or racing an entire feature with a broken front wing.

This is how he lands in victory lane. First, Justin Peck set the pace but with ten laps left, Peck's motor let's go. That handed the lead to Anthony Macri.

Marks with the threat right behind Macri. He gets a run, to park it in front of Macri, and is able to hold on and somehow picks up the win.

Danny Dietrich picked up his first win of the season with a feature win Sunday at Selinsgrove.

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