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BAPS hosts kids night; Rahmer wins fifth feature at Lincoln | Fast Lane

Gerald McIntyer won his first career 410 feature at Port Royal.

YORK, Pa. — Saturday night fun, fun for the kids that is. Before the races, BAPS invited the community out to the track as hundreds enjoy kids night. From turn four to the front stretch and pits, there were activities for kids of all ages.

Before the dirt flies at baps… kids are the center of attention as it’s the 6th annual kids night.

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Over 700 prizes and 300 bookbags given out to the youngsters as BAPS continues to get the community involved and show it’s more than just racing.

“I want to make sure they walk out of here with a prize and a smile and I want to make sure they get to meet their favorite drivers. We grew up at Silver Springs, Saturday night racing at Williams Grove. Those were always awesome kids nights and that’s what we’re trying to pull back off. Having those big kids nights. Getting the community involved. Getting new faces here to find out what our sport is all about and getting our kids into this,” said Steph Jones, BAPS Kids Night organizer. 

Yes, there’s hosting an event but when you have the drivers and teams that want to come hours early to mingle with the fans. It's influencing the next generation of drivers and teams. But, the biggest hit, dunking drivers in the dunk tank.

Extreme stocks driver Sammy Rial says, “We do it every year. The kids have a good time. A lot of family, a lot of friends come out and you can pick on them a little bit. Like Nate is going to throw worse than his sister. (laughs) but it’s a good time. The kids enjoy it (as he was getting dunked.)” 

Someone who just happens to hit the bullseye, three times in a row, of course, you know what his favorite part is. “The dunk tank," said Hunter Robbins and his brother Jordan says, “Watching them race.”

A day set aside for the next generation of drivers and fans while also helping out families

“The kids have fun and get to enjoy themselves and parents don’t have to worry about how much money is coming out of there pockets," said Savannah Hart of New Oxford. Hart said she heard about the event on Facebook and has never been to BAPS until now.

On a hot day, have you ever heard of a freeze pop koozie? Kids got to color one before sliding the freeze pop inside.

Every division that raced that night, on hand, helping the event grow year after year. The day didn’t stop there, kids took to the track and race to the checkered on their bikes.

Rahmer and McIntyer win

Williams Grove called their race early with weather in the area. On Saturday, Lincoln didn't have a drop while Port Royal was only able to get one of their shows in.

A couple of young guns in the first few rows in search of their first 410 win at Lincoln as Brie Hershey led the field to green. You could see the fireman's picnic fireworks in New Oxford over the tree tops.

But, the fireworks on the track, Freddie Rahmer. He drove deep into three to steal the lead away from Hershey. That created a three car battle for the lead until Robbie Kendall had a mechanical issue.

On the final lap, Rahmer had pressure from Corey Haas but he kept his line and to won his fifth feature at Lincoln, this year.

"I thought, once we were in open track, he wasn't going to get by me but as soon as I got to lap cars, I knew he'd be close. So, gotta work on that and watch the video and just get better in those conditions," said Rahmer.

In the 358s, there was three restarts to get a lap to count. The star of the show was Cameron Smith. He picked up his second feature win at the track as Richie Hitler wins the XCEL 600 modified feature.

Over to the speed palace, they were only able to complete one of the three features with rain. Devon Borden slid up the track and pounded the wall going for the lead. Gerard McIntyer has been showing speed at the track and finally wins his first feature at Port.

Knoxville Nationals

It's one of the most exciting weeks in racing, it's the week of the 61st Annual Knoxville Nationals. Sunday night at the Capitani Classic, Shark Racing's Logan Schuchart started second, along side another Pennsylvania native Sye Lynch. Being stuffed in the fence by a slowing car didn't matter as Schuchart was able to hold off Donny Schatz and able to start the week off right and win the Capitani Classic.

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