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From SU to PSU: Shippensburg star wide receiver transfers to Penn State

Winston Eubanks, a 3-time All-PSAC Eastern Division First Team member, and owner of 28 career touchdowns will take his talents to Penn State.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Editor's note: The above video is from September 21.

After dominating the gridiron for three years for the Shippensburg University Red Raiders, a Division II star is looking to make his impact at the highest level of the college game.

Winston Eubanks, a 3-time All-PSAC (Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference) Eastern Division First Team member, announced that he is transferring to Penn State University on Friday.

Eubanks torched opposing secondaries throughout the PSAC, totaling 148 catches for 2,853 yards and 28 touchdowns over the past three seasons.

He announced his move to Penn State on Twitter:

Eubanks will be the second Division II wide receiver to transfer to Penn State over the last two years, as Weston Carr also transferred to join the Nittany Lions a year ago.

We spoke to Eubanks about his performance at Shippensburg and his move to State College.

You can read our full Q&A below:

1. You really shined as a track & field runner in High School, arguably even more than the football field. What made you choose football and how do you use your skills from track & field in your game today?

EUBANKS: I chose football because I enjoy the team aspect. Track is more of an individual sport. I decided to run track in high school to help me improve in football. During my junior year, I felt I wasn’t fast enough on the field so I joined the track team because I knew I could increase my speed if I just learned how to run. 

Having good technique, nice stride length, and the ability to burst and maintain speed are all things I learned from track and I use them every time I step on the field.

2. Your first year at Shippensburg was an explosion onto the scene, becoming the first SU freshman in history to record 10 or more receiving touchdowns in a season. Were you surprised by your early success at a higher level? What made it so easy for you to dominate?

EUBANKS: I was slightly surprised because it was the first time I witnessed hard work pay off in such a big way for me. My commitment to the process early on gave me the confidence to perform well. 

As a freshman I was able to master the playbook. I knew the responsibilities of each player on every play, and was able to scan the field like a quarterback. I already knew where my QB was going with the ball just from the pre snap read. Because of that, I was able to do my job at a faster pace and it made things easier.

Credit: Bill Smith/Shippensburg University
Winston Eubanks

3. While you were still productive during your last two seasons at SU, they were clearly not at the same level as your freshman season. Obviously, multiple factors go into a wide receiver's output, but how much credit do you give opposing defenses? Do you think your Freshmen season made you a target of other coordinators defensive schemes?

EUBANKS: I think the opposing defenses did a great job of forcing our coaches to use other weapons on the team. My freshman season definitely made me a target and I had to learn how to make plays while getting double teamed. 

While my statistics may not have been as impressive, but I believe I did a great job helping my fellow WR’s get open. There were times I knew I wasn’t getting the ball but still ran my route full speed since I knew I could occupy multiple people. In doing that, one of my teammates would definitely be open. 

4. In the summer of 2019, you had a chance to workout with former Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins. How did that come about, what was it like, and what did you learn from that experience?

EUBANKS: So two of the top skill trainers in Philly, Brandon Bing and Vernard Abrams, hosted a joint training session and invited the top high school, college, and pro athletes. 

Each group trained separately, but I was one of the few college guys who got called up to work with the pros. 

When we transitioned to 1v1 sessions, I told Kyle Lauletta my route, went out, and Malcolm [Jenkins] lined up against me. I was kind of shocked because it was my first time ever going against a pro and just my luck it happens to be Malcolm Jenkins. 

For about 3 seconds, time froze and I thought about how surreal this moment was. Once I got myself together, I ran my route against him like I would any other defender. 

Immediately after the play he complimented my route running and confidence. I learned that believing in yourself is very important because had I’d been afraid, I would’ve ran an inefficient route and messed up the play. Confidence is everything.

5. The move to Penn State obviously puts you in the thick of some stiff competition. What do you think you will be able to do to stand out?

EUBANKS: I’m well aware that at this level everyone is extremely talented, wants to be great, and was one of the best players to come out of their area. That’s an environment I want to be in. 

I believe my focus and attention to detail will separate me. I understand how big of a jump this is but I’m just as talented and I’m prepared to put my head down and work.

6. What are your career goals? Are you hoping that a strong 2021 season parlays into an NFL opportunity?

EUBANKS: The only goal I have right now is to continually improve my game. I never set statistical goals when I was at Ship, I only wanted to be the best. 

I believe if you put in the work, the results will come. I definitely would love to play in the NFL, so I’m gonna do everything I can to make that happen. If I do everything I’m supposed to, I have no doubt that it will. 

Credit: Bill Smith/Shippensburg University

7. If there's one thing that people don't know about you that you think they should, what would that be?

EUBANKS:  I think people should know I have a very strong faith. I believe in myself and I know God has a plan for me. 

I’m trusting the process and my commitment is real. I know actions speak louder than words, so I’ll be able to show people better than I can tell them. 

You can check out some of Eubanks highlights from his time at Shippensburg here:

He hopes to create another reel of great plays while suiting up for the Nittany Lions.

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