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Record Recognition helps Dallastown refocus

The Wildcats are hoping for a chance to best a stellar 2019 season.

DALLASTOWN, Pa. — While it might be hard from some coaches to keep their players in the right mindset and focus on a season, the Dallastown boys soccer team is using 2019's success to keep them ready and hopeful for 2020.

Spring and summer months are usually key for soccer players when it comes to development, whether it's through club teams or tournaments.

“Maybe one or two of our players got to play in club tournaments this summer.  Pennsylvania Classics might have had one and I think they were allowed one parent at those games,” recalled Wildcats head coach Andrew Foust.

So while his players waited for the green light from the state, Foust found the right thing to give his team the kick they needed.

“I actually didn't find out about the records until April or May.  I just happen to stumble across them on the PA Soccer Coaches website,” said Foust.

The Wildcats 2019 season is one that won't be forgotten for some time, but just in case you need a reminder, they now are officially in the PA Soccer Coaches record books and among the best for consecutive win streak, consecutive no-loss streak, and consecutive shutouts.

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“I’m a Dallastown alumni, so I played soccer there, and now i'm coaching soccer there.  It means a lot to me and especially for our boys.  They'll be a part of that history so when they're older they can show their kids, who might be playing soccer, and say ‘Hey, I was a part of that team,” said Foust.

That reminder of a time not so long ago, helps to light a fire under the Wildcats as they prepare for whatever is to come this fall.

“It definitely helped them get grounded a little bit, and be like, ‘Hopefully we'll have some normalcy this fall, doing what we love doing, getting out on the field, being a team, play, score some goals, and win some games,” added Foust.

Dallastown returns plenty of pitch experience, but this year, coach knows there are other elements that are essential.

“We have our minds set on November, but our guys are flexible and they're hard workers.  COVID-19 or not, we just take it one step at a time.”

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