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Locked On Eagles host offers thoughts, predictions for team's outlook in 2021 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is set for Thursday, and one of the hosts of the Locked On Eagles Podcast, Louie DiBiase, let us know what he thinks the team may do this weekend.

PHILADELPHIA — The 2021 NFL Draft is now just days away.

As it stands now, the Philadelphia Eagles are set to have the 12th overall pick on Thursday night, after trading back from the 6th overall spot earlier this month.

With a roster full of holes and a number of different ways to go, the Eagles are set to be one of the most interesting teams to watch.

To preview what we may see come Thursday night, we spoke with Louie DiBiase, one of the hosts of Locked On Eagles, to get his insight on the team's outlook.

Here is an excerpt of that interview:

CALE AHEARN: The Eagles are one of the most unpredictable teams in the draft. There's no chance of them moving back up, right?

LOUIE DIBIASE: I actually think there might be a chance. Howie Roseman loves to trade. If you look at his drafts since being the general manager over the last decade-plus, he's really only stayed put at their pick, that they were supposed to have based off regular season standings, only a time or two. 

So, he's already moved down from 6 to 12 because he could collect that extra first round pick.

I don't think it's going to take a first round pick to move up, let's say, from 12 to 8.

Let's say Kyle Pitts, the tight end from Florida and also a Philadelphia native, slips past the top six. Let's say 4 quarterbacks go in the top 4, let's say Ja'Marr Chase and one of those Alabama receivers go 5-6. Jaylen Waddle or DeVonta Smith.

Howie Roseman could say, "Let's go get this guy!" 

Give up one of our third round picks, we have two of them and a bunch of picks next year as well, move up 3-4 spots, and let's go get our guy.

So again, they might do that best of both worlds thing, collecting a first round pick next year by moving down, and now maybe you move back up by giving less value.

I do think it's possible -- I think moving up or down is still definitely in the cards. Anything with Howie Roseman is pretty much all-game and it normally is.

CA: Who would you like to see them land at #12?

LB: There is a bunch of guys I would be okay with, but I think the one I really, really like is Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith.

I know it's hard to justify taking a receiver in the first two rounds three years in-a-row, but you can't let taking J.J. Arcega-Whiteside in 2019, taking Jalen Reagor in 2020 -- you can't let those picks make you say, "well now we can't do it again" just to save face.

Look, those picks, right now -- there's still more hope for Reagor than Arcega-Whiteside -- those picks haven't worked out.

You haven't had a 1,000 yard receiver since Jeremy Maclin in 2014. You have to get this position right, especially if you want Jalen Hurts to get the best opportunity to be the guy in 2021.

I think Smith is the second best receiver in this draft -- the Heisman winner.

I look at corner and receiver -- corner might be a more immediate need, but I think there is more of a significant drop off at receiver from pick 12 to 37 where at cornerback -- I don't think there is as big of a drop off between Jaycee Horn and Patrick Surtain II compared to Asante Samuel Jr. and Greg Newsome.

So, I think Smith's the guy if he's there at 12.

I want a receiver and corner, but I think if I had my pick of the litter, it would be Smith.

You can watch the full interview in the video above.

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