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'It gave him inspiration': Orioles no-hitter gives Triad radio host's dad strength to keep fighting COVID-19

Scott Graham is fighting COVID-19 in a Raleigh ICU.
Credit: Josh Graham

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Everyday life for Sports Hub Triad's afternoon radio host, Josh Graham, involves doing shows and interviewing guests on sports topics, but this week has been anything but normal.

“It’s been a stressful week," said Josh Graham. 

He proposed to his girlfriend over the weekend, one of the biggest moments of his life.

It followed a low moment - his dad, Scott Graham, is fighting COVID-19 in a Raleigh ICU. He tested positive for COVID-19 last Wednesday and went to the hospital on Sunday because his oxygen levels were low. Scott recently retired after 30 years as a police officer. 

“I didn’t know he was going to the hospital because he didn’t want me to know he was going to the hospital until I was engaged," said Graham. "He didn’t want to take away from that moment."

Graham said his dad is a social guy and it's hard to see him fight this virus alone.

“In this really terrifying time, regardless of what you’re dealing with in the hospital, he hasn’t been able to go through it with family and friends. That’s just the devastating part about it," said Graham.

There is one thing around him - sports.

“He loves the Orioles more than any sports team," said Graham.

Dad watched the Orioles and Mariners game in his hospital bed Wednesday night.

“My dad was lighting up my phone, so I had to watch it," said Graham. "I’m watching the bottom of the 9th. This is the team we really bonded over.”

Pitcher John Means had a no-hitter going.

“He gets that final out," said Graham. "I was just a puddle and then I get that video."

It was the Baltimore Orioles' first no-hitter since 1969, a moment that could be meaningless to someone else became just what Josh's dad needed.

"As somebody who works in sports, I don’t think there’s been a more special moment in sports than what happened yesterday," said Graham. "It gave him inspiration. It gave him extra fight. It was a gift."

And a reminder - of just how much a game can mean, and help someone through dark days.