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Student gives hilarious tour of Phoenix light poles for visiting Philadelphia Eagles fans

Eagles fans have been known to celebrate big victories by climbing city light poles. So one student decided to offer some "advice."

PHOENIX — Every football fan dreams of the day their favorite team wins a Super Bowl.

Filled to the brim with excitement and elation, they take to the streets to celebrate the incredible accomplishment.

For many fans, this is barely a fantasy (especially for this Cardinals fan writing this article). But for Philadelphia Eagles fans, they are looking at the possibility of celebrating the team's second Super Bowl win in less than 10 years.

When the team last won the Big Game in 2017, Eagles fans were understandably excited and flooded into the streets as soon as the game ended. During this time, we learned that one of the celebrations of choice for Eagles fans is climbing light poles.

With that in mind, one enterprising student from Arizona State University decided to do a little video tour of the Phoenix light poles for any Eagles fans visiting the Valley during the Super Bowl.

Grace Del Pizzo is a student at the Cronkite School and aspiring sports journalist and shared the tongue-and-cheek video online.

"Hey #Eagles fans, if you’re visiting #Phoenix for #SuperBowlLVII and you want to know everything about the city’s light poles juuust in case… I GOT YOU," she wrote on Twitter.

In the video, she walks around various spots in downtown Phoenix highlighting areas of opportunity and places you should avoid.

Of course, climbing any city property is not condoned or encouraged, but in the heat of the moment after a possible Eagles Super Bowl win, you can't predict what could happen.

So for now, we will just wait and see what happens.

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Scottsdale will be home to the Historic Old Town ESPN Main Street Tailgate and the Tailgate Time Machine block party. 

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In Tempe, the FanDuel Party at Tempe Beach Park on Feb. 10 Fans will feature a carnival atmosphere with games, music and more.  

Meanwhile, Glendale will host the Super Bowl itself, and city officials told 12News Glendale has had the explosive growth it needs to match it

Visitors can expect roadway and parking improvements, top-of-the-line security, and a newly expanded entertainment district ahead – a project that's been years in the making.

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