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Neurologist Andrew Stein talks about new concussion program for youth athletes | Sunday Sitdown

Stein explains the proper protocol and new strategy he uses to make sure youth athletes can return to play safely

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Wellspan Health neurologist Andrew Stein works with athletes all across the state to help them get back on to their sport as fast as possible. 

Most times, those athletes' injuries come in the form of concussions and concussion safety. 

Stein has developed a concussion program that helps them return to play as quickly and as safely as possible. 

"I am an advocate for youth sports," said Stein "I want our youth to get out and play; at the same time, we have to be careful with the way we do it."

Studies show about two in 10 athletes get concussions during their sports season.

Stein's treatment program progresses through a return-to-play protocol with five stages. Each day that a patient is symptom-free is a day closer to playing again.

"Concussions are non-linear injuries... everyone recovers at their own pace," Stein said.

The program's results come from focusing on safety and the individual healing process.

Stein said that while he does see a lot of football players, there are plenty of other athletes that he works with as well—ranging from hockey players to cheerleaders and everything in between.

Watch the full interview above.

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