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Pa. among a handful of states that will allow college athletes to profit off name, image, and likeness beginning July 1

The NCAA Board of Governors is expected to vote on an interim policy regarding name, image, and likeness on Wednesday.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The NCAA Board of Governors is expected to decide today if it will move away from its longstanding policy that college athletes are only allowed to receive scholarships and some stipends. This means that college athletes may soon be able to profit off their name, image, and likeness (NIL). 

Last week, Pennsylvania passed legislation allowing college athletes to profit off their NIL. It is set to take effect July 1. 

On June 30, the NCAA Board of Governors is expected to adopt a NIL policy on an interim basis, as recommended by the NCAA Division I Council earlier this week. It is expected to allow schools in states, like Pennsylvania, which have NIL laws going into effect this week, to follow state law. 

State Sen. Scott Martin, (R) Lancaster County, was the author of the legislation passed here in Pennsylvania. He says it was important for the Commonwealth to get ahead and lay the groundwork to allow college athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness. 

"I think this sets a foundation, it allows our schools in Pennsylvania to not be at a competitive disadvantage for recruiting and I can tell you it would absolutely make a difference," he said. "If Alabama says a kid can come play football here and also do this on the side, that's going to make a difference. So, the fact that Pennsylvania isn't placed on that uneven playing field will be helpful."

Pennsylvania's legislation would not allow a pay-to-play situation, but would allow colleges athletes to use their NIL to make money. Players would be allowed to collect profits on jersey sales, video games, team trading cards, or other items with their NIL. 

There would be some limitations. College athletes would not be allowed to work with some industries like: adult entertainment, alcohol products, casinos or gambling, tobacco and smoking products, or controlled substances.

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