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Esh and Krimes split Twin 20s at Lincoln | Fast Lane

Lance Dewease captures win No. 119 at Port, a week before the Tuscarora 50.

ABBOTTSTOWN, Pa. — Twin 20s on tap at Lincoln Speedway on Sept. 4. 

Tyler Esh was on pole of feature number one. He gets challenged a few laps in by Glendon Forsythe but, Esh was able to hold him off. 

Corey Haas and Chase Dietz look to make a move as Esh slides up the track with seven laps remaining but, Esh hammers down to win the race. 

Just as the leaders crossed the finish line, Aaron Bollinger finds himself upside down on the back stretch. He has since been removed from the hospital. 

Esh never wants to see a yellow or red come out but it helped in the middle of the race. 

"There's times where you need a yellow or red and you never wish it but you need it," he said. "We definitely needed that one. Traffic was heavy in front of me. I was just trying to get through it but they had a better line getting through and it worked out for us."

Alan Krimes starts on the pole of the second 20 lapper. 

Seven laps down, Esh gets too high in three as he comes back down, catching Joe Kata's right rear, ending both of their nights. 

The track started to get slick but, that was no big deal for Krimes saying picking cars off in the first helped set him up nice for the second. 

"I knew it was going to be tough because the track was kind of narrow, hard to pass and I was starting dead last; it was only 20 laps which is 10 less than we normally had," Krimes said. "I knew it was going to be tough." 

"I think I got three or four before the first yellow then passed another three of four before the next yellow but I think I still needed five spots to get 12th," Krimes went on. "I think there was like seven laps left. I was able to sneak by a couple on the bottom. Just got into the top 12 and luckily drew the 12 and that's what we needed."

The final Central Pennsylvania legend race didn't disappoint. 

It was a four-car race for the lead the entire time, until Travis McCelland pulled the short end of the stick, riding up on Stephen Wertzers right rear. 

With one lap remaining, Seth Kearchner makes it stick on the inside to win the race. 

Over at Speed Palace, Lance Dewease moves from 12th to win the 410 feature despite losing his brakes. 

Greg Satterlee keeps raking in the dough in recent weeks as he takes the United Late Model feature over Rick Eckert and Max Blair. 

Dylan Strike wins the highest limited pay day in track history. 

For the first time in his career, Brent Marks reaches double digit wins as he wires the feature Friday night at the Grove. It only took 30 years to win it as Russ Mitten wins the Super Sportsman 100 at Baps. 

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