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York College basketball players reunite on the court decades after their dads played

Jeff Landis and Dave Cipalla stared for York in the 1990s; now, their sons are following in their footsteps.

YORK, Pa. — Tate Landis and Kai Cipalla were a dynamic duo at Warwick High School before going their separate ways in their freshmen year of college. 

However, when the opportunity presented itself to play together again at York College, it was too good to pass up.

"He talked to me about the idea of coming here and everything," said Landis. "I was on board 100% right away, obviously. Who wouldn't want to play with that guy?"

"He was definitely pushing me a little bit to come here," said Cipalla. "I was getting love from everyone, but he definitely was pushing one of the hardest."

The young duo are getting their feet wet on the court as freshmen and sophomores, respectively. Their journey is quite familiar because their fathers, Dave and Jeff, were also teammates for York College in the 1990s.  

 "It's like really cool seeing them on the court together," said Kai's dad Dave. "It brings back our memories of not ever wanting to lose."

There are memories that will last a lifetime

"We had a blast here for our four years I hope that is in store for the kids too," said Jeff Landis, Tate's father.

Both dads know their sons well enough to expect big things in the future.

"They push each other," said Dave Cipalla. "It might be just a glance you know Tate might look at Kai and Kai doesn't have to say anything Kai's just like 'I have to get my stuff together and let's play.'"

While following in their family's footsteps seems like a challenge they look at it as a constant reminder of where they hope to go.

"Continuing the legacy of what [our dads'] did here," said Tate Landis, "[Like] trying to create our own thing and do what we do here and be a great team." 

"It's kind of awesome," said Kai Cipalla. "Having that opportunity, seeing if we can maybe push past our parents a little bit... it's awesome."

The two continue to create their own legacy with a name that means just as much on the front of the jersey as it does on the back.

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