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Lebanon superstar Martial Artist Josh Aguirre achieves another milestone in Taekwondo

Aguirre becomes one of the youngest third-degree black belts in taekwondo history

LEBANON, Pa. — Joshua Aguirre is on a quest to be the best martial artist in the world. The ten year old superstar is well on his way. He has over 180 medals total including wins in the junior Olympics and recently became one of the youngest third degree blackbelts in taekwondo history according to his grand masters. 

The young gentlemen is simply a star, his school of practice Family Karate packed with taekwondo masters all over the world as well as Lebanon's mayor Sherry Capello to get a glimpse of Aguirre's skills.

"I want to be a grandmaster one day have my own school and I want to go to the Olympics," said Aguirre "It feels amazing that all these people came out to support me during my test."

Aguirre demonstrated an abundance of skills including sparring and cinderblock breaking. He has only been practicing for six years, but his grandmasters say he is well beyond his years.

"His passion for Taekwondo is superb," said Grandmaster Gladwell "He has a love for it he's always had a love for it and it shows in everything he does."

The young man also a role model in within the school. Gladwell says that lots of students look up to Aguirre no matter the age. 

"He's definitely a role model within the school but also in the community," said Gladwell. "With so many bad things going on in the area it's good to see the community rally around Josh."

Aguirre's goal to get to the Olympics one day well in reach with the pace he is going.

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