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Gurkhas showcase and grow cricket with tournament

The tourney spanned three days and three venues in South Central Pennsylvania.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The coin flip, the crowds, and the celebrations are all part of many different types of sports, but the other elements on display at Kohl Memorial Park, are enough to stop anyone walking by, if only for a moment, to take in the sites and sounds of the 8th Annual Interstate Cricket Tournament.

"I feel like this is a game of discipline," said the Gurkhas' Narayan Gautam.  "You'd never notice any kind of fight, or argument, or anything because it's just about the sportsmanship."

The Harrisburg Gurkhas host the event, with help from the Lancaster Cricket Club, for the three-day, three-venue tourney.

"It's been drastically changed in the last couple of years, compared to where it was," added Gautam.  "We had barely one or two in the audience, but I can tell it has been growing exponentially in the last couple of years."

As the tournament grows, so does the amount of sponsors, as well as interest from across the country.

"They came from Iowa, Colorado, and all different states to be a part of this tournament," recalled Gautam.  "It's a part of the summer vacation, too.  It comes at the same time of the year, the same month, with different dates.  It's really an opportunity to not just showcase the game, but also spend quality time with family, friends, and celebrating in the manner of this joy."

These three days of matches are the result of six months of preparation, so they make sure that it's a fair competition for all involved.

"We have an incredible umpire that we hire through the community.  They are solo from any team, so they keep it very professional throughout the tournament, at all times," said Gautam.

The Gurkhas know that the sport of cricket, much like this tournament, still has room to grow in the Keystone State.

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