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From The Czech Republic To Central PA For This US Elite Baseball Player

Bubenik grew up playing soccer until his mother came home with a baseball bat and glove

MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. — This story begins in Central Europe and the Czech Republic for 5 year-old Matous Bubenik. For the young soccer player growing up that was his sport until his mother returned from the United States with a baseball bat and glove for young Matous.

"I like the fact that it was for anybody so I could just be any size. i could be faster or stronger it doesn't really matter how I look. Anybody can play the game," said Matous.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

Fast forward and into his teenage years and Matous began his academic and athletic careers in September in the United States at the Combine Academy in North Carolina where coaches from the US Elite travel baseball team took a look and contacted Montoursville assistant baseball coach Corey Twigg to see if he needed a player for the summer.

"They said hey we got a player. Do you need a catcher? And I didn't really didn't need a catcher but when they told how big and how good they thought he was we took a chance," said Corey.

That chance to play for US Elite took off and beginning in May Matous moved in with the Twigg family and will be here until August 1st.

"They have been great! They have been very nice! it's been cool," added Matous.

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Montoursville junior catcher Cael Frame stepped in as a big brother to Matous and showed him around the school in Montoursville.

"It has been cool having him come around. I have never met someone from a different country like that before. It's cool having him follow me around. He is a nice kid," said Cael.

We'll beside having tons of home cooked meals with Corey and his wife Matty has picked up on Chick-fil-A. There are no Chick-Fil A's in the Czech Republic but he has found a few here in Central PA.

"It's funny. He's a big Chick-Fil A guy. He does like burgers and stuff but if he had his choice it would be chicken or steak," again said Corey.

"I mean I like the chicken sandwiches so that is probably my favorite. The sauces are really good," again said Matous.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

With his new US Elite team Matous will travel the country going to Ohio and Georgia to play some summer ball.

Steve Lloyd Newswatch 16 sports Lycoming County.

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