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Frenzy: Bowlers take to the lanes

Area high school bowlers focus on the pins not masks

EPHRATA, Pa. — The  high school winter sports season is more than just basketball, wrestling and swimming. One other high school sport is a spare to no other in our area, bowling. As their season finally gets underway the competitors are finding that this year they need a just tad bit more focus.

“I was scared we weren’t going to have a season, but I am happy we are here,” says Northern Lebanon captain Aliza Shirk.

 But any worries are now in the past, at least for the moment and if there was any concern over bowling in a mask, it is now just something to move past.

“When you are in the zone you don’t think, you are just in the zone.“

An relate-able take from Cocalico senior Tristan Current who spent much of his match racking up the strike count.  

That is the mind of a bowler, laser focused on ten pins, 60 feet away for ten frames. 

 According to Shirk it is all worth it. “It really is it is hard to breath but you gotta get through it, anything is worth bowling.“ 

Conestoga Valley's Robbie Jack likes to work quick but that is just part of his game.

“It was different at first but once you get bowling in the competition that feeling just goes away and you are focused on how you bowl.”

As the frames go bye whether it is a strike or a split the key is to calm those nerves. 

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Something Shirk and her teammates strive for every series. 

“It’s the rush of 'oh I could really use this to win', it’s the feeling of I want to do this“ 

"Doing this" is what they love to do. 

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