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Former NBA player strives to bring upward mobility to west Charlotte community

Anthony Morrow has created and developed several programs to assist with resources and education

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Anthony Morrow made millions in the NBA as a sharp-shooting guard who is sixteenth all-time in three-point percentage. 

That journey brought him coast-to-coast, living in seven different cities.

But it's not unusual to find Morrow back where he grew up, at the Little Rock Apartments off of West Boulevard.

"I've seen a lot man," Morrow said. "Shootouts, all types of stuff going on."

Morrow hasn't just thrown money at the problem.

His organization, Anthony Morrow Charities, aims to create a life that can last generations.

"It's a lot of resources that still need to be down here for everybody down this corridor," he said. "If you look at East Boulevard and you look at West Boulevard, it's night and day almost."

Morrow's most recent partnership is with UNC Charlotte founded, Niner University Elementary School in West Charlotte, which focuses on social and emotional learning for students from underperforming schools.

"Our school is in the midst of a food desert," school social worker Sherri Miller said, "there are no local grocery stores."

Morrow does an annual Thanksgiving Drive Thru for families of the school's students.

"We provided full Thanksgiving meals from turkeys, desserts, to the main fixings for these families," Miller said.

Robin Matthew's grandson Gabriel attends the school.

"His social skills," she said, "we can see a great difference in Gabriel's social skills."

Through the school, Matthews was able to find out about another new initiative from Morrow called Upward Mobility NOW!

It's at financial literacy program for kids and adults to help families achieve upward financial mobility.

"He's just a very bright person," Matthews said. "And I am so thankful for what he did for me in allowing me to be a part of his organization and his school."

Morrow is always looking for new and different ways to help his community. 

He's helped residents to vote early, given out backpacks, and every year personally adopts a family for Christmas.

"You've got to be active," he said. "You can't just be exploiting. If you're not being active you're just talking."

Morrow isn't just talking. And he's not just active. He's here. 

Serving as an example for kids in his old neighborhood. An example that he didn't have.

"I want to be able to give them every single resource that I have and I'm going to continue to gain, I'm giving it all to them," he said. "Because we didn't have that."

Morrow has high hopes for the youth in his old neighborhood, and wants to help them towards a positive future.

"I just want them to fulfill everything they want to fulfill in their life," he said. "I don't care what it is. As long as it's positive and you can change your family and change your community and your neighborhood? I just want them to fulfill that."

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