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Borden first career 410 wins; Haas finding speed, Foster first career win | Fast Lane

Devon Borden won back-to-back sprint car races at the Grove then at Port Royal.

YORK, Pa. — He's just an 18-year-old from Washington, came to Pennsylvania early in the season to get some 410 experience. A month and a half ago, the "Dare Devil" landed a ride with Heffner racing, and this weekend, he not only got his first 410 win but swept the weekend at the Grove then at Port Royal on Saturday.

“It’s just crazy,' said Borden. 'I mean it’s absolutely crazy. It’s like a dream come true. every has happened just so quick, you know. I mean, way quicker than I ever thought it would. at the beginning of this year, I was just racing 360s and just trying to race as much of the ASCS National tour as we could.”

As drivers and teams head to the 60th Annual Knoxville Nationals, a few make stops along the way. Anthony Macri and Tim Shaffer win in West Virginia.

For drivers that stayed close to home, Cory Haas has shown strength with his new team. Finishing in the Top 10 on multiple occasions since June. Haas went from ninth to victory lane for his first win at Lincoln since 2012.

“Obviously, the car is really good and I’ve been making some good decisions,' said Haas. 'Looking forward to the rest of the year. Just glad to get a win. You never when that last one is so it’s good to get one.“

A driver that has been due for win is Justin Foster. A front row start helped propel Foster to his first career 358 feature.

A great way to get the next generation of fans and racers involve, is to have a kids night. It was all about the kids at BAPS Motor Speedway Saturday afternoon. The track featured bike races, prizes, dunk tank and of course a meet and greet with drivers.

"Every year I try to make it bigger and better,' said Steph Jones, BAPS Kids Night organizer. 'I try to get more people to come. I’ve already been told there’s at least 10-people here that have never been to a race before. So, that makes my night right there."

One kids daily fight has inspired many to help but it’s the day he won’t soon forget. Four-year-old Bransyn Yeager didn’t have to think about being in the hospital or going through treatments. He got a VIP experience with World of Outlaws Sprint Car driver David Gravel and his team.

“Everyone has jumped in behind this little guy and supported him. We have an army behind him," said Roger Yeager, Bransyn's dad.

Drivers and teams reaching out with countless surprises being deliver to his house. After one of his chemotherapy treatments. He didn’t spend the day at home or in hospital, rather, one of his favorite places, the race track with Gravel's team.

“I would hope, if I was in the same position, someone would do that for my kids. My crew guy, Scottie takes a lot of credit. His son knows the family knows the family well and put the connection together," said Gravel.

Braysyn got to help out, getting tires prepared, checking out the car and going on a few grid walks to meet drivers and knowing when one of his favorite drivers was on the track, and of course, hit the top of the charts in hot laps.

It’s been just over a month, since June 29th a day that flipped the Yeager's world upside-down when Bransyn was diagnosed with leukemia.

“It wasn’t the same Brayson we had six months ago. Six months ago he was running around and he was playing," said Roger.

His family is thankful it happened this year and not in 2020 because they’re able to be with Bransyn through it all. It took just one Facebook post to rally the racing community around his fight.

“It’s been a blessing because of all of the support from friends and family and the spring car community. I mean, the racing community has been huge. From the littlest spring cars to the biggest ones," said Roger.

One driver in particular, wasn’t in town racing but did send Bransyn well wishes through his treatments.

“Hey bud, I’m thinking of you and to keep staying strong. Keep fighting. Be tough. You can pull through it. So, looking forward to seeing you at a race track soon," said Kyle Larson, Hendrick Motorsports.

“Ten years from now, he’s going to be like wow. When he’s telling his friends about this. They’re going to be like, dude, you were famous and didn’t even know it," said Roger.

Bransyn has been taking the chemo well, still having a big appetite.

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